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Unveiling Voter Disenfranchisement in America

The 2024 Elections are swiftly approaching and are poised to be among the most crucial of our generation. Voting rights, a cornerstone of any democracy, are currently under siege. Certain activists, under the guise of “investigators,” are leveraging new data tools and contentious legal frameworks to advocate for the removal of voters from the rolls.

In response, ACORN is mobilizing to defend and safeguard Americans’ right to vote. Interested in taking action to ensure that every eligible voter can exercise their right to vote? Join the ACORN Election Protection Team today.


Voter purging is a process that helps states and counties maintain up-to-date voter rolls and data by canceling registrations for voters who are no longer eligible, including those who have died or moved out of state.

Where Purges Are Happening


The Voter Purge Project is a collaboration among three non-profit, 501c3 organizations: The Ohio Voter Project, ACORN International, and the Labor Neighbor Research & Training Center. Our team combs through voter reports from various states to find and bring attention to discrepancies or unethical voter purging attempts.


Founded in 2019 by Steve Tingley-Hock,  the Ohio Voter Project began when Tingley-Hock discovered 40,000 eligible voters on a list of names that the state planned to purge later that year.

ACORN International is a 200,000 member organization working in 15 countries. ACORN is led by Wade Rathke, 50+ year veteran of community (ACORN and NWRO), labor (SEIU and United Labor Unions), and electoral organizing (Project Vote, Initiatives).

Labor Neighbor Research & Training Center provides support and assistance through education, publications, and other resources to community and worker-centered efforts to further develop effective organizational responses to current issues.