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All states maintain digital voter files, but each state determines how – and at what cost – people can access the list of registered voters in that state. Some states make access straightforward and even free.  Others, like those below, assign prohibitive financial barriers to prevent public review and oversight of their data and voter information. 


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Dear Supporters,

There’s a gap in data, analysis, organizing, and campaign outreach on the use of purges and caging in aggressive voter suppression.  We know that this is wrong on so many levels. We know that eligible voters are routinely denied their constitutional rights.  Nonetheless, we are often powerless to challenge these efforts.

The Voter Purge Project believes that we have the tools and experience to meet this challenge, and, as we recently have proven in Ohio, that we can protect voters.  As committed citizens with data and organizing skills, we will do our best with whatever we have, but with timely support, we are able work harder and faster to protect eligible citizens’ right to vote.

With increased capacity and resources, VPP believes the following is possible:

  • We can acquire and analyze voter lists for every state in the U.S.
  • We can build a network of partners and allies to ensure fair voting in suppressive states
  • Force accountability, transparency, and a fair process on the custodians of voter files, ensuring better access and maintenance of those lists
  • Establish and train Secretaries of State in best practices in voter list management and maintenance to prevent errors
  • Support nonprofits and Secretaries of State in establishing outreach programs to improve voter eligibility and access

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